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Barmes Freebase

Mobile Office, Travel Case and Personal Storage solution

Barmes Freebase is a unique combination of mobile office, travel case and personal storage. Patented design, with three independently locking compartments, enabling the separation and organisation of business, travel and personal items. All in a size suitable for carry-on baggage with the world's major airlines. Click the logo below for the Barmes Design website:

  • Barmes Freebase is designed for work agility.
    Three separate compartments accommodate work, travel and personal items.
    Retractable handle for wheeling, and a soft handle for lifting.
    Tether lock for security when docking.
    Patented design.
    Fits laptop computers up to 15" size.
    Size suitable for carry-on with the world's major airlines.
    Also includes:

    1 x removable essentials bag for work, personal items, toiletries
    1 x removable sorted case for chargers, cords, travel and passport documents
    1 x removable satchel bag for 13” laptop, documents and utensils
    2 x clothing bags for fresh or worn
    1 x Activity bag for gym gear, clothes and or shoes

Contract / commercial distribution:

For the corporate / commercial market, Barmes has appointed different distributors in each state of Australia, including Kinect Solutions. Please contact Kinect stating your location for further details:

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e - satchel

the Agile Working Enabler

e-satchel provides organisation, protection and security of essential work tools. It is available at all times and can be taken anywhere at anytime. 

e-satchel and its docking options offer total flexibility within agile work environments and co-working spaces.  

e-satchel is compact, easy to carry and store. It is elegant, sophisticated and offers a point of difference.