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ncompas mode

Single and Dual Monitor Arm
ncompas MODE is a flexible mounting system catering for the integration of multiple LCD Monitors, Laptops, thin client PC's and other emerging technologies. The system is able to be configured to suit a variety of applications and re-configured in the future to adapt to changing environments. 

Instantly convert a single Monitor Arm to a Dual Monitor Arm. 

Independant of aligned monitor heights. 

Installs in less than one minute. 


- Proven quality, affordable price.

- Single, Dual or Multiple Monitor Arm - reconfigurable at any time.

- Instant retrofit of additional arms and multiple add-on options.

- HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: 320mm Manual Height Adjustment with Independent or aligned monitor heights.

MONITOR VESA MOUNT: Quick Release VESA Plate for 75mm/100mm.

- MOUNTING: Desk Clamp, Grommet Clamp or Wall Mount.

- WEIGHT LOAD: 8kg Per Arm Max Load (16kg Max per pole).


Anodised Silver Post with White Arms.

Anodised Silver Post with Silver Arms. 

Black Anodised Post with Black Arms. 

M1-X2-4D (or 4G Grommet)

M2-X2-4D (or 4G Grommet)

M2-X2-4D (or 4G Grommet)

Short Arm MODE - enables two widescreen monitors to be pushed back as far as possible

ncompas Mode - Black Finish


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